The construction premium

👉🏻 Applying for state financial assistance to acquire or build a home (acquisition or construction premium)

The construction, improvement or acquisition premium

To build a house, but also to buy one or to carry out renovation work, a capital assistance can be obtained in Luxembourg. 

In order to be eligible for this assistance, you must have taken out a mortgage in Luxembourg for your project and be using the property as your main and permanent home. 

You cannot already be the owner, co-owner or usufructuary of another dwelling, here or in another country. 

Finally, the aid is only available for dwellings with a limited surface area:  

  • between 65 and 140 square metres for a single-family home and 
  • between 45 and 120 square metres for a flat.

This premium varies between €250 and €9,700, depending on the family's income and circumstances.

The premium may also be increased in specific cases (e.g. construction of a semi-detached house).

👉🏻 Applying for state financial assistance to buy or build a home

Here are the steps to take on :

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